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International Symposium of High Voltage Engineering, Glasgow 2023

The International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering (ISH) is a recognized forum for meetings and discussions between specialists in the field. The simulation of high voltage fields has been represented in scope of this conference starting from the very first ISH held in 1972 at the Technical University Munich (TUM). Hans Steinbigler and his team colleagues from the High Voltage Technology Institute of TUM presented at ISH1972 their pioneering works on dielectric simulations [8.1], [8.2], [8.3].

After 51 years the Elfi-TUM-team takes the opportunity to present an overview of charge simulation method developments during the last 60 years and publishes the first results on surface charging computations achieved within the Elfi-project. The corresponding paper [1.9] will appear in the ISH2023 proceedings. The oral presentation is scheduled between 12:15 and 12:30 on Tuesday 29th August 2023 in scope of the session 4 "General". The slides will be available "here".


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[8.2] H. Singer, Das elektrische Feld von Polycon-Elektroden, ISH München, 1972, pp. 59-66 (in German).

[8.3] P. Weiss, Feldstärkeeffekte bei Zweistoffdielektrika. ISH München, 1972, pp. 73-80 (in German).

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