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Simulation of high voltage fields

This Website presents a simulation platform dedicated for computation of high voltage fields. The included pages provide an overview, background and history of the platform components. The user documentation/manuals are included in the software available over the Download-page.


The current focus is on dielectric simulations of high voltage devices. We offer a simulation platform to calculate the electric fields and predict the dielectric withstand. Our background and goals are specified by the page Elfi-Project.

Full Scope

Beyond dielectric performance the effects of electric currents must be taken into account to ensure a balanced design of a high voltage device. Both thermal effects due to operating currents and mechanical deformations due to fault (short-circuit) currents will be included in future extensions of this web site.


This simulation platform is dedicated to engineering applications. Initially, we address academic environment including students and researchers dealing with power devices and the corresponding technologies. Non-academic users are also invited to test the platform. The simulation tools we make available are intended for non-commercial use. Users' feedback is highly appreciated.


This Website is currently maintained by Andreas Blaszczyk Consulting (ABC) Z├╝rich.
E-Mail: Andreas.Blaszczyk@ellipticfields.com

"Elliptic Fields" ?

The term "Elliptic fields" has no scientific or technical meaning. One could explain its origin by some characteristics of the computed fields:
"Elliptic Fields" fits well to the abbreviation "Elfi", which was in the past proposed by Hans Steinbigler as a name for a program simulating Electric fields. The new term, chosen as the title and address of this web site, is intended to be used for the full scope mentioned above, not only for the electric fields.
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